16 November, 2010

It turns out that...

In the 20 minutes between teaching my morning section of 101 and shifting gears to being a student in a course on Women in Medieval Lit, I find I have a minute to return to this blog and say...something. But what? How about a recap of what I've learned this semester?

It turns out that...
  • People in Anglo-Saxon Britain were less sexist than people are now.
  • Pink shirts can be terrifyingly manly.
  • Students don't care how exciting and controversial the curriculum is, but they will love you unconditionally if you drop the F-bomb occasionally.
  • There are people who don't love Arthurian legend.
  • There are also people who don't love Byronic heroes.
  • There are some people that just don't make sense to me.
  • People have a hard time mocking your guilty pleasures when you can use Kenneth Burke to analyze paranormal erotica from a dramatic/rhetorical perspective.
  • Two small dogs can make more mess than two normal-sized humans.
  • I have an unnatural fascination with hyphens.
  • I dislike Christine de Pizan.
That's what I've got. Off to discuss the hated de Pizan...

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