22 December, 2010


Confession: I'm not really a writer. I'm really a squealing, weak-kneed fangirl pretending to be a writer. But, occasionally, if you're gonna pretend to be a writer, you gotta write. And not just write, but publish what you wrote. Otherwise, everyone knows you're just pretending in hopes that you can one day sit on a panel with Clive Barker, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, and Ewan McGregor being asked earnest and sincere questions about your "craft," and then later going for drinks (I know Ewan McGregor isn't a writer: this is my fantasy. Shut it.).

So in service of that dream, I wrote something and then published it. You can find it at the web home of the fabulous Macabro Xtreme Publishing. It would be cool if you clicked through and bought a copy. I and a lot of other people would thank you mightily. OK, that concludes the terrible self-promotion portion of today's blog. Man I'm bad at that.

The point today isn't the anthology itself. It's the simple, unremarkable fact that said anthology got reviewed. Well duh. What did you think would happen? This is no big - OMG MY NAME IS RIGHT THERE IN FANGORIA!!!!

Sorry about that. That inner fangirl got loose for a minute. I'll try and keep her under control. The thing is, if I could have chosen a horror magazine to review me, of all people, it would have been Fangoria. I used to hide copies of Fangoria in my room to prevent my mother from worrying about the disturbingly creepy turn her lovely daughter's brain was taking. It was my lifeline to people who didn't think I was "weird," or "a freak." So it is exciting in a big way for me to know tha - THEY LIKED MY STORY!!! SOMEONE FROM FANGORIA LIKED MY STORY!!!

Ahem. Gracious. I'm so sorry. You might have noticed I'm a little excited.

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